The Lantau Buffalos' Multisport Club presents:

4xTiger Head Challenge

Saturday 27 Feb 2016

8:00 a.m. at the start of the trail at Neohorizon.

Individual or teams of 2/3/4 runners
Teams will work on relay format. That is, all members of a team do not need to do all climbs together. Runners of each team will take turns in doing the climbs. Teams can distribute the work as they please. For example, in a team of 2 one of the runners can do 3 climbs and the other 1 climb. The only requirement is that at least one runner per team does each of the 4 climbs. The handover from one runner to the next (if applicable) to be done at the beginning of the next climb.

Order of climbs:
1. Up Neo, down reservoir and golf course road
2. Up golf course road, down via lookout and Seabee Steps
3. Up Seabee Steps and lookout, down the back of Greens
4. Up back of Greens, down Neo Horizon and finish at North Plaza.

The top of each climb is the white post at Tiger Head.
Finish: DB North Plaza (after descent from last Neo Horizon climb). 

Event is self-supported, self-timed. 
No volunteers or water stations en route.
No shortcuts allowed.
This is not an official race. 
Participate at your own RISK!


Lantau Buffalos Theme Song: "Moooving & Groooving"

This is for all you karaoke and/or multi-sport lovers out there. Be warned, though: this song will SSSHHHTICK to you like no song has ever before!

Moovin' & Groovin (karaoke)

Siegfried Verheijke,
Feb 27, 2012, 9:45 AM