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2012 AGEAS Tri Relay

The Lantau Buffalos are proud to announce the

co-supported by Sportsworld and New Balance

and with the kind assistance of our venue sponsor Club Siena

Sunday May 20, 2012

  for teams aged 12 to 112


Venue: Siena Club (swim) and Siena Park (bike & run)

- Swim: 2 x 50m relay (1st team member swims 50m, then the 2nd team member swims 50m)

- Bike: 2 x 1 lap (1st team member rides 1 lap, gives bike to team member, 2nd member does 2nd lap)

- Run: 2 x 1 + 1 lap (1st team member runs 1 lap, 2nd team member runs 2nd lap, both members run final lap)

more information to follow very soon!

Click here to sign up