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4xTiger Head Challenge March 2016

The Lantau Buffalos' Multisport Club presents:

4xTiger Head Challenge

Saturday 27 Feb 2016


Runner Names
Team Name
Finish Time
Team of 2Stefano Passarello
Raphael Franz
Team of 2Claus Schuermann and Pete Dingley Tiger Tamers02:41:00
Team of 4Fernando Magaz Davide Catalano Christian D'Allessandro
Javier Falcón
My legs hurt03:14:00
SoloRyan SpendelowTeam Spendy03:17:00
SoloJustin HoskinsNewbie 03:18:00
SoloMarcel GuethoffCaperidge Runners03:25:00
SoloPaul KettererOne Man Army03:27:00
Team of 4Jim hood
Paul Rimmer
Run drink repeat - junior team 03:27:00
Solo femaleAlison WattsAli03:28:00
SoloLi YIU Cheunggulugulu03:39:00
SoloAaron AndersonMovement Squared03:54:00
SoloJean-Luc KarlinJLK04:21:00
SoloVincent LamInstructor04:21:00
Team of 4hp
Run drink repeat - OAPs04:24:00
SoloSHERPA ANGTEMBATeam solo04:25:00
Solohicham lahbabialmost there04:26:00
SoloMERLIN BrunoSnail 04:26:00
Solo femaleLo Shuk Yingulugulu04:51:00
Team of 2Matt Norton
Dennis Barlow
Team Beer05:04:00
Team of 2Christian Secci
Francesco Scarpella
Squirting HeadsDNF

Many thanks go out our fabulous Tiger Head check point marshalls - Alain and Phillippe, our photographer and Greens turn off marshall - Karen and our finish line marshall - Sabine. 
Thanks to our sponsors Action X DB North Plaza and IMI DB North Plaza for the amazing prizes.

Our social event started at promptly at 8am with 21 runners (14xsolo, 4xteams of 2, 3xteams of 4) on a windy, cold, foggy morning. There was a mixture of nervousness, tension and anticipation. 

It was clear from the very start that Team of 2 - Crucco&Spaghetti were going to be tough to beat. Team of 2 - Tiger Tamers put in a strong effort to finish only 2mins behind. Both teams obliterated the previous course record to finish 2:39 and 2:41.

The men's solo were dominated by the trio of Ryan Spendalow, Justin Hoskins and Marcel Guethoff. They were all running neck and neck until things heated up with Spendalow and Hoskins surging up on the 4th Tiger Head, leaving Guethoff 2 minutes behind. It was a sprint down to the finish and Spendalow (with Bailey) gapped Hoskins by 1 minute to finish 3:17 and 3:18 respectively.

Bogdan bombed home (true to his team name B52) on the descend to Neohorizon to pass Guethoff just before hitting the road. Bogdan finished 3rd, looking fresh at 3:22 and Guethoff 4th at 3:25. Paul Ketter came home strong to finish 5th at 3:27.

Alison Watts cartwheeled through the course with a few handstands thrown in to finish 3:28 and Lucina came in 2nd in the women's solo at 4:51.

Team of 4 - My Leg Hurt took out their category at 3:14 with Run Drink Repeat- Juniors giving a good push to the end to finish 3:27. Run Drink Repeat - Old Age Pensioners came in a very respectable 4:24, which was 16mins beyond of their expectations.

(more to be uploaded by Karen)

The following are a few "safe-for-work" quotes:
"A race for all trail runners as there are so many combinations to run it alone, teams etc so runners can choose their challenge"
"Let's do this every quarter"
"Good race to tame the Tiger"
"Should have been 3xTiger Head"
"Make the race longer"
"Do not underestimate the Tiger"
"Next year, make it a beer stop at the top"
"I will be back next time to finish under 4hrs"
"I was cramping since the 2nd Tiger Head but I had to finish!"
"Great format"
"Very good challenge"
"I was very happy to overtake 2 people"

8:00 a.m. at the start of the trail at Neohorizon.

Individual or teams of 2/3/4 runners
Teams will work on relay format. That is, all members of a team do not need to do all climbs together. Runners of each team will take turns in doing the climbs. Teams can distribute the work as they please. For example, in a team of 2 one of the runners can do 3 climbs and the other 1 climb. The only requirement is that at least one runner per team does each of the 4 climbs. The handover from one runner to the next (if applicable) to be done at the beginning of the next climb.

Order of climbs:
1. Up Neo, down reservoir and golf course road
2. Up golf course road, down via lookout and Seabee Steps
3. Up Seabee Steps and lookout, down the back of Greens
4. Up back of Greens, down Neo Horizon and finish at North Plaza.

The top of each climb is the white post at Tiger Head.
Finish: DB North Plaza (after descent from last Neo Horizon climb). 

Event is self-supported, self-timed. 
No volunteers or water stations en route.
No shortcuts allowed.
This is not an official race. 
Participate at your own RISK!


Prizes provided by

  1st Male Solo:

1 x pair of Hoka One One

1st Female solo:

1 x pair Hoka One One

1st team: 

Gift vouchers to the total of $600
(ie. $150 each for team of 4 or 
 $300 each 
for team of 2)

Prizes provided by

2nd Male Solo:

1x Complimentary consultation with Aaron Anderson Osteopath

2nd Female Solo:

1 x Isowhey Sports 100% Lean WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) 1.28kg

3rd Male Solo:

1x Isowhey Sports Electrolyte Formula 500g


Protein power sachet samples to all entrants