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2011 Annual General Meeting - minutes

Lantau Buffalos AGM – 19 February 2011


Present (16)

Andrew Macpherson

Antony Pringle

Christopher Andrews

Eduard Wehry

Erin Bowland

Imee Macpherson

Jenny Buck

Justin Choo

Karen Fairley

Kerry Hale

Martin Wray

Nora Senn

Sarah Wheeler

Sasha Atepolikhine

Siegfried Verheijke

Wencke Linsel



Brett Straatemeier

Bruce Pye

Marcello Giamporcaro

Rudi Fleischmann



Items of business


1.     Overview of history and purpose of the Lantau Buffalos

Chairperson Justin spoke on behalf of Brett about how the idea for the Buffalos was hatched by Bruce and Brett in 2008, and inaugural drinks took place at Sportsworld in March 2009. Its main purpose was to make it easier for athletes to find others to train with. Now we’re excelling in diverse events, have organised three kids events, and raised HK$5,000 to support a project for homeless people in Hong Kong.

2.      Chairperson’s report

Justin: club has grown in numbers as well as recognition. Originally 30 members, now 177 have registered with the forum. 10,000 hits on website in 2010, 30% increase on the year before. Events: numerous training sessions, training races, seminar and clinics. Success in local and overseas races. Hoping 2011 will be even bigger and better. Justin invites Rebecca Kynaston and Lindsey Coen-Fernandez into Lantau Buffalos’ Exco.

Chairpersonship is one year only, which led to some discussion: in the short term, good to keep flow of new ideas and avoid the same people doing it for years, but after several years we may run out of people wanting to take on the role. Justin tried to make the role of chairperson sound like not much work, just being a figurehead, but future chairs may have a different style and expand the role.

3.     Treasurer’s report

Justin reported on Bruce’s behalf: about HK$10,000 in the bank.
Income: $8,650 triathlon, $1,300 Kerry’s triathlon training, $550 Unicef ferry.
(The triathlon actually raised $36,000 but had about $27,000 expenses.)


4.     Expenditure: $5,000 charity, $7,500 insurance (3rd party liability for races).

Insurance: clarification that it’s just 3
rd party liability for races, so that if we crash into any bystanders their medical expenses will be paid, but all participants sign waiver and enter at own risk, therefore have to pay their own expenses in the event of injury. Policy covers us for up to 6 events of up to 100 participants (the upcoming Calves race may count as 2 races because over 100 participants are expected). Nora, an insurance broker, offered to help with any insurance problems and to negotiate the best policy when it expires at the end of this calendar year.  

Justin appealed for help from anyone with accountancy expertise. Eduard Wehry offered to take over as Treasurer. Jenny offered to take minutes of the meeting.

5.      Discuss and accept revision of Lantau Buffalos Constitution

Siegfried said he had made some minor revisions to the wordings and assumed that everybody had read the constitution in full. Siegfried will put a link on the website to the revised constitution.

Motion to approve revised text was PASSED.


6.     Election of 2011 Lantau Buffalos Committee

Chairperson: Motion to elect Siegfried Verheijke (proposed by Erin, seconded by Martin) was PASSED.

Vice-chairperson: Rebecca Kynaston had originally been proposed, but there was some doubt about whether she was willing to accept the invitation. Sarah suggested Nora, who accepted. Motion to elect Nora Senn (proposed by Sarah, seconded by Erin) was PASSED.

Treasurer: Motion to elect Eduard Wehry (proposed by Justin, seconded by Siegfried) was PASSED.

Committee members: Kerry (social training); Lindsey will be joining the Exco too. Justin staying on committee as past chair. Tony also staying on.

Lantau Buffalos Executive Committee for 2011:

• Chairperson: Siegfried Verheijke

• Vice-chairperson: Nora Senn

• Treasurer: Eduard Wehry

• Members: Anthony Pringle, Justin Choo, Kerry Hale, Lindsey Coen-Fernandez, Rebecca Kynaston


7.     Discussion of 2011 activities and goals, and the future of Lantau Buffalos

7.1       Calves duathlon update

Siegfried reported: it will be held on Sunday, 27 March, organised by Siegfried and Rebecca. North Plaza location was suggested by HKR. 67 have signed up so far without any promotion. HKR wants promotional posters on bus shelters, even if the event is full, to encourage spectators. Erin volunteered to design poster.

After promotion, if over 100 entries, event may need to split into two events of up to 80 each (40 max in each age category, 160 max on the day), for insurance purposes. No problem for insurance purposes to have two events on one day – Siegfried/Nora will double-check the policy to verify this.

Race packs: tri belts needed, discussion about suppliers – Karen and Sarah to follow up.

Siegfried was unclear about whether the roads will be closed to traffic. The course was discussed:  transition by a wall in North Plaza; running around North Plaza as far as the roundabout where we normally turn around our bikes; cycling around Siena Park and Siena Avenue; run course repeated.

Appeal for sponsors for race prizes.

6.3       Calves and Buffalos Club Triathlon Championship: which date?

Siegfried said he prefers not until after the summer because he’s going away in late May and is too busy before that. Jenny suggested having the adult and kid events on separate days because it’s hard to get the kids event to run on time when most of the organisers are participating in adult race beforehand.  Nothing was decided on this issue.

6.4       Club kit: which supplier?

Discussion of pros and cons of each supplier, in summary:
Pros: current supplier so easiest option to continue, tri and cycling tops available, nice airflow side and back panels, minimum quantity 10, delivery in 1 month. Cons: cut/sizing problems, esp women, no one-piece.
Pros: biggest range. Cons: modifications needed to keep the existing features which members like, which may not be straightforward.

Pros: one-piece available. Cons: Another triathlon club in HK had big problems with them.

Some present commented that the debate has been going on for too long and a decision needed to be made.

Tony arrived just in time to report that the “boob problem” with the Racing9 shirts had been fixed, and larger sizes were being ordered because they have sized up small in the past. Someone suggested that those who want a one-piece can get one custom-made by Eric at O2 Creation.

Put to the vote by a show of hands, it was unanimously agreed to continue with Racing9 as the club kit supplier.


6.5       Website management

Justin reported that he and Erin had set up the existing website which is fairly bare-bones. Appeal to members needed for internet-savvy members to improve it. Siegfried would like to see some club history and race reports on there. Currently only Exco members are authorised to make changes.

6.6    Membership fees: yes or no?  The consensus was: not for now.

We had a discussion of what we could offer for membership fees. The answer at the moment is not a lot. We aren’t currently a registered club. We can’t offer HKTri membership without a registered/certified coach (online courses are available which Tony is interested in). Justin reported on the costs and benefits of HKTri affiliation: costs $1,200 per annum admin fee, plus individual fees, but gain club points in races and trophies at end of year = prestige for club and individuals.

We had a discussion of where we want to see the club going in the future: continue as an informal club, or become like Tritons who charge high membership fees but offer a lot of perks from sponsors etc. Siegfried pointed out that currently we don’t have a good enough accounting structure to keep track of payments of even nominal fees, and charging fees in the future will depend on having a proactive treasurer who can invest the necessary time. Wencke suggested that being a registered club was a long-term goal to work towards in the coming years. 


6.6       Seabee traffic bumps: thoughts and suggestions

Siegfried reported: bumps have been erected at the instigation of Headland Village Owners Committee. They ARE targeted primarily against cyclists, but there is a secondary reason of forcing all traffic to slow down in front of the management office in case they are requested to stop. The other reason behind the location is because no other suitable site is available because it’s prohibited to erect bumps on a slope or near turns. The chairperson of the VOC is alarmed by cyclists going well over 30km on some sections; not many cyclists go over 30km on the section where the new bumps have been erected, but they are hoping to deter cyclists from using Seabee Lane in general. Since the bumps are primarily directed at deterring cyclists, there is no hope of them cutting away the end sections to allow us easier passage.

Nobody suggested any method to challenge the decision to put up the speed bumps.

On the positive side, Siegfried did mention that HKR and the owners committees do not seem to be against cycling in general in DB – it’s just Seabee Lane.

Since it’s getting a bit harder to cycle around DB due to Seabee Lane being less attractive, we also discussed making it easier to get out of DB, such as putting pressure on DB Transit to put bike racks on front/back exterior of buses.  However, there are rumours of there being a petition in circulation to ban cyclists on the Tung Chung Road - we want to know where this is coming from and whether it has any chance of success. Siegfried said he wants to know more about government regulations on this subject and regulations affecting cycling outside DB – Siegfried to approach TJ, who is reputed to be a former government lawyer

6.7       Making DB more sports friendly: thoughts and suggestions (teenagers)

There have been suggestions for a skateboard park (proposed next to fire station but objected to by nearby residents), war games park, more basketball courts (only Club Siena one remains since DBIS one is being built on now), football/rugby pitch – we identified the need for more pressure and momentum but nobody made any concrete suggestions, perhaps because the meeting had gone on longer than expected.

6.8       Contacts with HKRI re tunnel access, activities, public recreational areas…

Not much was spoken on this subject but Justin mentioned that regarding the van we must all realise that it’s a privilege, not a right, so it’s important not to be confrontational if any problems arise. Problem of van not showing up for return leg at the right time has been solved by getting the driver to write down the return time.

7       Any other business

Siegfried mentioned there’s a District Council meeting next Monday, 21 February, at which issues about taxis and ferries would be discussed and he encouraged anyone interested to come along as an observer to see how these proceedings go.

Our stomachs declared the meeting closed so we could have dinner.