Being able to give back to the communities in which we live is an important aspect of life. 
As a group we have agreed we will focus our efforts in helping Hong Kong Charities.  Days will be organised where we as a group visit a charity to provide much needed support in terms of maintenance, cleaning, preparation and serving of meals, or tuition.  Charity suggestions are always welcome.
Fund raising is always encouraged.  A group of Lantau Buffalos doing Ironman Austria in July 2009 will raise funds to help a homeless shelter based in Shamshuipo which looks after the poorest of the poor.  Funds will go to upgrade bedding and kitchenware. 
Pictured below is our trip in March 2009 to a homeless shelter in Shamshuipo, about 20 of us spent a day at this homeless shelter, cleaning, preparing and serving food, and providing tuition to underprivalaged children.

Sat 14 November 2009

Thanks again for those who joined last Saturday. 

I think its fair to say we and our children all enjoyed oursleves, it 
was good to see our children interacting with the homeless and sisters 
who run the missionary.  All the clothing, childrens toys, books and 
the HK$70,000 we raised were very appreciated. 

Seeing some of the homeless eating their meals in the clothing we 
donated, reinforced my view of  how dependent these people are on 
their community to get by. 

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