Club Division   
 Claus Schuermann
 Rick Smits
 Treasurer  Liam Bolger 
 Dan Mullin
 Martin (Stingray) Wray
 Race events
 Javier Falcon
 Social events
 Karen Veen

 Useful Contacts  Phone
 Buffalo Bike Truck - from Siena  Roundabout to Tunnel
2987 7351
 Ask for Alice. Only available on Wednesday and Saturdays.  Saturday is out 630am, back 930am.  Maximum of 15 Bikes. Please cancel if you are not going
 Bike van Tai Mo Shan downhill 9806 7670
 Call Howard. Ask HKR (2987 7641, fax 2987 8192) for tunnel permit 24hrs before
 DB Transport Services 6446 1044  From DB to anywhere. Ask for Khan.
 Ferry - to Disney 9033 8102  Charters from Kai To ferry pier to Disney (about $700 one way).
 Ferry - to Mui Wo / Peng Chau
2983 8617
 Peng Chau Kai-To
 Lantau Taxis 2984 1328  
 Hong Kong Bike Shops

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 Coaching - Fitness - Health    
 Bike Servicing and Fitting - in DB9770-8420 Bike Energy Lab - Flat GA, 11 Caperidge Drive
 Osteopath - Aaron Anderson - in DB 2523 7121 Aaron has extensive sport-specific experience, including work with the Australian National Cycling Team
 Fitness Coaching - Ali Watts - in DB  Ali Fitness
 Tri Coaching - Olivier Baillet - in DB
 Beyond the Line 
 Physiotherapy - Island Health - in DB2987 7575 
 VO2Max - Lactate - Body Fat Testing 2817 4046  Glen Joe an is exercise physiologist at the Institute for Human Performance, HKU
 Bike ID --- Edward Wimmer
 Your ID tag while running/biking (in case of accidents). Highly recommended!

Contact any Club representative on our forum if you have useful numbers to add to the above list.
Siegfried Verheijke,
Mar 19, 2011, 7:03 AM