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Intro to Road Cycling in HK

Living in DB gives us plenty of opportunity to ride, train and race road bikes. Within DB itself we have a few moderate hills, fast flats and a mountain climb to the golf course, dubbed "The Burner".

Immediately outside DB, we have Cheung Tung Road that leads to Sunny Bay, Disneyland circuit, and in the opposite direction, Tung Chung and the road around HK International Airport. The roads are relatively flat and is great for triathlon, 70.3 and IM cycling training. The HK Cycling Association regularly hold criteriums, individual and team time trials in Tung Chung and Cheung Tung Road.

For the climbers amongst us, there is of course the notorious Tung Chung Road leading to South Lantau, the Big Buddha and ending at Mui Wo. Sections of the route have been termed, "The Bandit", "The Beast"," Brontosaurus (Mr and Mrs)"," The Ball Bearing", and "the Breaker". Mui Wo and DB are connected by a ferry link. The fare is $22 including bike one way Mon-Sat and $25 Sundays.

There is a regular group ride every Saturday 630am. The meeting point is at the DB tunnel entrance, where an awaiting van takes the bikes through the DB tunnel. Cost is HKD$50 out and in (minimum of 5 bikes). The cyclists then catch the first arriving Tung Chung DB01 (bring your Octopus card) through the tunnel. Confirmation of the group ride and van will be posted on the forum, so please make sure you check it before Saturday morning. Alternatively, the airport bus will take up to 3 road bikes at HKD$32 per trip. Make sure you stop the bus at the end of the tunnel.

If you would like to race with the HK Cycling Association, memberships are HKD$110 per year (inclusive of insurance) and races are HKD$60 per race. Upcoming local races.

To learn more about Road Cycling contact us or checkout the links and events page.

See you out on the roads,
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