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Race results

Sunday 21st Feb 2010 - Team Time Trial - 64km, 8 laps of Cheung Tung Road.
  • Lantau Buffalos - 9th 1hr 40min 1sec
  • Bruce, Tony, Justin, Brett, Paul
Race Report by Brett:
Well our captain Justin did a FANTASTIC job in getting us prepped and
out there mixing it with Hong Kong’s best.  Justin, Tony, Paul,
Martin, and Brett were scheduled to meet on bikes at 5.10am this
morning to get into the zone for the Hong Kong Cycling Association
Team Time Trial 64km race.

Bruce was our spare man, and just as well, Martin phoned Bruce at
4am Sunday morning saying he felt like a Buffalo with too much methane
and had to pull out.

Under the hammer – we hammered it from the start, we were meant to
do a J curve, Fast, Steady and build up for a fast finish, but we
ended up going as fast as we could from the start – over the 8 laps
our splits were very consistent with a gap of 35 seconds between our
fastest and slowest lap.

Fast – yep we were fast, and we hit our race plan target of 1hour
40m, we nailed it in 1 hour 39m 56 seconds.  Out of the non pro teams
we were the fastest and came in a credible 9th overall.  
We only got over taken by 2 teams and we probably over took about 6 teams.

Furious – yep – we had passion, team work, and aggression as we
hurled around the 64 km circuit with grunts of Go Go Go, Wait Wait,
Wait, and Aaaargh.   Bruce enjoyed following Paul, with minimal need
for peddling in Paul's draft.

Afterwards – pats all round for everyone, we finished as a spent
force, and are all stronger and wiser for the experience.

Lycra – there was plenty of lycra and bling everywhere, when we
turned up, there were teams with their Vans, Marquees, and their
Cyclists on trainers everywhere – and here we were 5 Buffalos and our
bikes.  We were not commanding much respect with our lack of
entourage, but all that was about to change come starters whistle.  We
did have TJ and Laurance supporting us which was nice even though they
were reserves for the Collossi team.

Organisation – it was very well organised not only by the Cycling
Association but by our team.  To hit our target, we had to finish as a
team, and we were one of few to finish as a team, Bruce even got a flat on the last lap.

Sunday 3rd May 2009, Yu Tung Road, Tung Chung Criterium - 4 laps of a 3km circuit
  • 4th Tony Pringle 4M category
  • 4th Justin Choo 3M category
Sunday 8th November 2009 - DB Cycling "Contre la Montre" Practice - Photos

Results DB TT 8 Nov 2009

Please come and join the inaugural Lantau Buffalos Cycling Challenge:
Part 1 - 10km rolling hill individual time trial, followed shortly afterwards by
Part 2 - a 3km uphill individual time trial. 
Come pit yourself and your bike against the other Buffalos. 
Times will be recorded into a perpetual wall of fame for this quarterly event.


MTB Mens
MTB Womens

630am Course Briefing and Warm up (ride the course)
7am Start Flat (ish) TT 10km
8am Start Uphill TT 3km

Riders go every 30 seconds
Drafting definitely NOT allowed

Meeting point: 630am at the concrete area beside the Fire Station (opposite the Tennis Courts).

Click on image for a larger view

Course description:
- Starting in the bus lane, go straight along DB road heading north
- Go around the Big roundabout and exit Left into the paved road at Chianti
- Go through 2 small roundabouts and turn around at the last one after passing the Chianti swimming pool
- Turn Left at the Big roundabout back on DB Road
- Turn Left to Siena Road
- Go past Club Siena, and all the way to the roundabout
- Turn around and go back up Siena Road
- Turn Left to DB Road
- Turn Left to Seabee Lane
- Turn Left to DB Road and go all the way to the roundabout at Coastline
- Turn around and finish after passing the Fire station.

Click on image for a larger view
Course description.
- Starting in the bus lane, go straight along DB road heading north
- Take the first immediate Left turn to Golf Course Road
- Ride all the way up past the Reservoir and through the tunnel
- Finish at the line of pavers before the roundabout at the club house