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Dear participants, volunteers, parents, caretakers, pets and triathlon-loving sand flies,

We are only two days away from the biggest triathlon race ever in Discovery Bay! An astounding total of 78 children have signed up, so it’s more than a full house!


As safety is our foremost concern, we have decided to organise THREE races: the first race will see the U08 Calves competes against each other, the second race is for the U10 Calves, and the third race will have the U12 and U14 Calves. By decreasing the number of participants per race, we will be able to supervise the Calves better in the water, there will be less chance of bikes crashing into one another, and the run should go smoothly as well.



The weather forecast is about the worst we can imagine: heavy rain, thunderstorm and a somewhat strong wind. However, the race will go ahead in any weather condition EXCEPT in case of Amber Rainstorm or Typhoon 3 and above signal. We will also cancel the race if the sea doesn’t look safe enough. These decisions will be made at 5 am on race day, so please check out our website for the latest update before you come to the race venue!

In case of cancellation, we will organise the race on Sunday May 30.



As mentioned above, please check out the website on Saturday evening and Sunday morning before you go to the race venue:

Please go to our website to check out the following:

- Start list for Buffalos race

- Start list for Calves race

- Volunteers list for Calves race


RACE DAY SCHEDULE – read carefully!

We are looking for a few volunteers to help out early in the morning, when we set up all the things that need to be set up. Please send an e-mail to or SMS Siegfried (98166527) to sign up for that.


05:30   Organising Team starts setting up bike racks

05:45   Set up registration desk and rest of transition area

06:00   Lantau Buffalos race registration starts (adults)

06:15   Beach clean-up

06:45   Lantau Buffalos race starts


08:00   Lantau Calves race registration starts (kids)

08:05   U08-U10 put their bike in TA, U12-U14 put their bike in the grass area behind the toilets

08:15   Volunteer briefing (in front of TA)

08:25   Transition area closes

08:30   Calves race briefing (in front of TA); we will go around the whole course together

09:00   End of briefing, U08 Calves go to the waterfront to get ready for their start

09:10   Start of U08 race

09:30   U10 Calves go to the waterfront to get ready for their start

09:40   Start of U10 race

10:00   U12 & U14 Calves take their bike from the grass area to the transition area

10:15   Transition area closes for U12 & U14 Calves; go to the waterfront to prepare for the race

10:20   Start of U12 & U14 race

10:30   BBQ opens for business

11:10   U12-U14 last finisher

11:15   Awards ceremony

11:30   Lucky draw

11:45   BBQ party

13:00   End of event


This success of this race will be the result of the contribution of more than 60 people, both organisers and volunteers. We would hereby like to introduce the Organising Team, so that you know who to talk to on race day.

• Race Director: Siegfried Verheijke (Belgium, tel: 98166527) --- Siegfried will oversee pre-race preparations, and he will brief both volunteers (08:15) and race participants (08:30).

• Assistant Race Director: Brett Straatemeier (Australia, tel: 60561953) --- Brett will be the starter, the main time keeper, the TA supervisor, the Master of Ceremony… and he will sing the new Lantau Buffalos song to all of us!

• Assistant Race Director: Justin Choo (Australia) --- Justin will be in charge of medical issues and race course supervision. He will be going around the course to make sure everything goes smoothly.

• Assistant Race Director: Tony Pringle (Canada, tel: 97708420) --- Tony will be in charge of the awards ceremony and the lucky draw, and he can also be contacted for any issue that you might have. He will then lead you to the right person. Tony will stay close to TA.



You may have questions, comments or suggestions on race day. It’s best not to go to the Race Director for every single question, as he will be busy trying to manage the race. Here’s a list of issues and of the relevant contact point:

• Registration, payments, waiver, race numbers: Erin Bowland & Lecia Pringle (registration desk)

• Transition area issues: Brett Straatemeier (tel: 60561953), and also Et Faure & Kim Faure

• Course problems, first aid & medical issues: Justin Choo 

• BBQ menu, payment, etc.: Lecia Pringle & Erin Bowland (payment), Bruce Pye (menu)

• Awards ceremony, lucky draw: Tony Pringle (tel: 97708420) & Brett Straatemeier

• Swim leg issues: Brett Straatemeier & Siegfried Verheijke




• Eat nutritious breakfast

• Check helmet for proper fit and safety 

• Ensure bike is properly set up and fitted



• Bike & Bike Helmet (mandatory) 

• Swimsuit (mandatory), swim cap and goggles (optional)

• Towel for drying/cleaning feet in transition area

• Running shoes (Velcro or slip-ons are preferable if you have them)

• Water bottle with water

• Dry clothes for after the race


• Arrive at DB beach in time for registration at 08:00

• Check in at registration and sign the waiver (registration closes at 08:25)

• Get your right arm and both legs marked

• Get you race kit, which includes the race T-shirt (to be worn on the bike and run leg), race number cloth, pins, and a voucher

• Set up bike and equipment in transition area: between 08:00-08:25 for U08 & U10; between 10:05-10:15 for U12 & U14

• Go the area in front of the transition area and participating in the race briefing (08:30-09:00)

• Drink to keep hydrated and use the bathroom 



Q: Is the swim safe enough?

A: Yes, we will have marshall in the water to help you out if needed; and you can use a flotation device if you want; caretakers of U08-U10 Calves can swim with their child to make them feel safe, but they cannot assist in any forward movement.

Q: How do I clean my feet after the run on the beach?

A: There will be water basins just before the transition area; walk into one of them and your feet will come out much cleaner. 

Q: Will there be course marshals along the bike course?

A: Yes, we will have volunteers at all intersections and other strategic locations.

Q: What if I get too tired to finish the ride/run?

A: We strongly encourage every competitor to do their best. If you need to walk a section to regain your strength, we encourage you to do so. If you decide not to finish the race, you must report your number and name to a course marshal before leaving the course.

Q: What if I get a flat or other mechanical problem?

A: If you can no longer ride for any reason but want to finish, a racer may run or walk his bike into the transition area to complete the bike portion but they must have the bike in their possession at all times and when they reach the transition area.

Q: Will traffic be stopped along the bicycle route?

A: We will make every effort to stop traffic to allow each bicyclist unimpeded access to the road. However, if you encounter a vehicle during the race, you are required to obey all traffic laws. Remember that safety comes first.


Important! --- In order for us to prepare adequate amounts of food for the BBQ, we need to know how many people are participating. Race participants and volunteers can join the BBQ for free, whereas parents, family, friends, dogs, cats, hedgehogs and other such supporters can join by paying 50 HKD at the Registration Area. If you have not done so yet: please let us know ( how many extra people in your group (i.e. participants and volunteers not included) would like to join the BBQ. Thanks for that!

With healthy regards.

Lantau Buffalos Organising Team

516, 5th Floor Block C,

Discovery Bay Plaza 

Discovery Bay, Lantau


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