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Gear and Nutrition

Bike Types

It's a jungle out there! Knowing which type of bike to pick, and navigating through the marketing hype can be a challenge. First and foremost consider your intentions with the sport. Are you just planning on the occasional recreational session cross-country riding or will you go with the big boys and rip up the downhills? Depending on your choice you will then need to consider your budget since bike prices range from HKD3000 for a entry level hard-tail bike up to HKD70,000 for the bling machines. Your best bet is to read up bike reviews in various magazines, checkout MTBR for reviews and even better try some rides with fellow Buffalos or bike shops before you buy. Regardless of your choice it is key that you get a bike that fits your body; a too small frame and you will easily fly over the handle bars, a too large frame and you will loose critical bike handling. If your budget is restricted there are plenty of great 2nd hand deals to be made. Checkout 28Bike for Hong Kong MTB classifieds or ask around among riders. Contact details for bike shops are in the links section.
  • Cross Country Bikes (XC): The most popular choice in Hong Kong are full suspended XC bikes such as Giant Anthem with 3.5-4" suspension.
  • Enduro/All-mountain Bikes (AM): Fully susp. bikes with 4-6" travel. These are a great option that works both XC and more aggressive riding
  • Freeride Bikes (FR): Heavy bikes with around 6" suspension that are superb for downhills but are still somewhat ridable on trails.
  • Downhill (DH): Mountain bikes that can take serious beatings. The only thing missing is an engine! Awesome for downhills but forget going uphill.
  • Trials: Low centre of gravity specialized bike that are great for obstacle courses but does not go forward very fast. Often without a proper seat.
  • Dirt Jumping/Urban Street: Rigid frames or front suspended hard tail frames that provide great bike handling for jumps and street sessions.
  • Single Speed (SS): Single speeds have a religious following, they offer a very minimalist clean setup without gears/derailleurs.
Gear for smart people:
  • A good brand helmet for XC riding such as Bell or Giro
  • A helmet with visor for Freeriding or Downhill riding when you faceplant the rock gardens
  • Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Back pads and/or protective apparel for hard core riding
  • Full finger gloves
  • Puncture kits, spare tubes, pump or Co2 cartridges to avoid walking home
  • Mobile phone for emergencies
  • Sugar - high blood sugar to keep concentration up
  • Plenty of hydration in bottles or hydration pack. The hydration pack also has the added benefit of protecting your spine a bit.
Recommended Nutrition:
  • Gels (GU, Power Bar, Accel Gel, High5, Clif Shot)
  • Sharkies / Clif Block Shots
  • Power Bars / Cereal bars
  • Dried Mango
  • Boiled potatoes
  • Salt tablets
  • Nuun Electrolyte tablets
  • R4 / Accelerade / CarboPro1200 / Infinit drink mixes
  • Salty snacks for longer races
  • Whatever works for you...