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Mountain Bike Training

The best mountain bike training tip ever is...  go out there and get exposure!

For example, riding Chi Ma Wan ( from Mui Wo to Pui O, around the Chi Ma Wan peninsula) is great, but ride at your own pace as the trail bites back! Chi Ma Wan is not a beginners trail, however, if you take your time it will teach you a great deal of skills.

A few tips:

  • As opposed to road biking, keep your seat slightly lower. This will let you get behind the seat in steep sections, nearly sitting on the rear tire to bring the center of gravity as aft as possible.
  • The front brake controls everything. Don't be afraid to entirely control a steep section with the front brake, your tire won't slip. The rear brake is only about 10% of the braking action.
  • Balance. The key element! Go out there and try to maintain your balance standing on the pedals but without any forward motion. This skill will help you a lot when you get to an obstacle and need to do a slight pause to prepare your pedal position before launching the attack!
  • Bunny hop. Perfect for jumping over a small obstacle while riding. There are two ways of doing this. You either ride with cleats (clip on pedals) or normal pedals. The clip on pedals are the easiest ( but nasty when they clip off when you are just pulling upwards and you are airborne but not your bike... ouch) as you just need to pull the handlebar and lift your legs up. The regular pedals are a bit more tricky, but with a little practice you will master this. While you pull on the handlebar you will have to lock your feet at a 45 degree angle on the pedals and push backwards. I know, sounds complicated... While the cranks are parallel to the ground, your feet on the pedals will be at a 45 degree angle. Pulling backwards at the same time as you are pulling upwards on the handlebar, will create a vertical lift momentum. This works stationary and rolling.
Well, there is a lot more to this but this will already help and make you busy on your next MTB ride!

To come:

We will make a little MTB clinic soon, riding the Chi Ma Wan trail and showing some tricks to make you faster and more confident.