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Gear & Nutrition

Common gear used during Adventure racing (as used during Action Asia Challenge 2008):
  • climbing harness - UIAA approved and not older than 6 years
  • 3 x locking Carabiners (1 x screw gate for abseil and 2 x screw gate or auto-locking for fixed lines)
  • helmet, either bike or climbing
  • 2 x 50-60cm slings, commercially sewn, not tied (length measured when laid out flat). Cord, prussic loops, shorter or longer slings will not be allowed unless specific event makes an anouncement.
  • figure 8 descending device (size medium)
  • mountain bike (Tires min 1.75 inch wide and wheels 26 inch diameter)
  • pair of gloves (full finger for abseil section unless specific event allows fingerless in announcement like Macau)
  • Running/trail/cross training or cross country shoes
  • 2 Liter minimum hydration fluid system
  • Food - Energy bars/gels (recommended 250 calories per hour of activity) with water proof packaging
  • Headlamp & bike lamp with spare batteries
  • first-aid kit (a recommended list of contents is published on the event's web site)
  • compass with pen/pencil
  • bicycle pump
  • spare tubes (if using tubed tyres)
  • tool kit
  • patch kit
  • Whistle
Recommended Nutrition:
  • Gels (GU, Power Bar, Accel Gel, High5, Clif Shot)
  • Sharkies / Clif Block Shots
  • Power Bars / Cereal bars
  • Dried Mango
  • Boiled potatoes
  • Salt tablets
  • Nuun Electrolyte tablets
  • R4 / Accelerade / CarboPro1200 / Infinit drink mixes
  • Salty snacks for longer races
  • Whatever works for you...