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Intro to Adventure racing

Adventure Racing is one of the few sports where just completing a race is often considered a victory. Normally races are done in teams and includes orienteering, navigation, trail running, mountain biking, kayak paddling, rope work, climbing and abseling. Events can run from 1 hour up to multi-day hard core challenges.

In Hong Kong the premier events are organized by Action Asia Foundation and covers Sprints of 1-2hours, Mountain Bike Races, Kayak/Run races and the annual Action Asia Challenge held each December at undisclosed location. These events are great for beginners to advanced and offers great comradeship.

At Lantau Buffalos many of us share this passion for the outdoors and often engage in the following activities:

        - XC Mountain Biking around Muiwo - Chi Ma Wan Peninsula - PuiO. Hard tails work but supspended bikes are recommended
        - Downhill Mountain Biking at Tai Mo Shan (rent a van and go flying downhill)
        - Trail running through Discovery Bay's river gorge upto Tiger Head, sometimes over to Muiwo and back
        - Epic trail run from Discovery Bay over Tiger Head - Muiwo - Sunset Peak - Lantau Peak - Buddha. 4+ hrs of fun
        - Kayaking at Pui O beach (you can rent kayaks there)

To learn more about adventure racing contact us or checkout the links and events page.

See you out on the trails,
Adventurous Buffalos