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Gear & Nutrition

Recommended Gear:
  • Checkout Falke running socks at Sportsworld. They are popular among Lantau Buffalos and have stood the test of Ironman races and Marathons with great result.
  • For hot summer days be careful with overheating and make sure to bring hydration with you. Pick-up a Fuel Belt, Waist Bottle, Handl Bottle or Hydra Pack availiable at most sports stores.
  • Custom insoles. Everything starts at the feet. If you often get injuries, go to a sports orthopedian and develop a nice pair of insoles. This is a great investment for your long term enjoyment of your sport.
  • Gym ball for core training and stretching
Recommended Nutrition:
  • Gels (GU, Power Bar, Accel Gel, High5, Clif Shot)
  • Sharkies / Clif Block Shots
  • Power Bars / Cereal bars
  • Dried Mango
  • Boiled potatoes
  • Salt tablets
  • Nuun Electrolyte tablets
  • R4 / Accelerade / CarboPro1200 / Infinit drink mixes
  • Salty snacks for longer races
  • Whatever works for you...