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Gear & Nutrition

Basic Gear:
  • Swim goggles. Don't automatically go for the coolers looking swim goggles. Instead try lots of pairs to find a pair that is comfortable and works well for you.
  • TYR paddles & Pull Buoy
  • Swim cap in Hi-vis color for Ocean Swims to stay visible for boats
Optional Enhancers & Bling:
  • Wetsuit made for swimming. Popular brands among Lantau Buffalos are Ocra and Blue Seventy with 3-5mm thickness. Ask around in forum if you want to try one. Regardless the brand most models of good quality are made with Yamamoto neoprene and rubbers. This is a sign of good quality wetsuits. Some shops overseas such as SBR Shop in NYC even let's you try the suit in an Endless Pool before you buy.  However, for pure attention getting, go for this shark attack design from  http://bydiddo.com.
  • Swimskin. A swim skin has no buoyancy benefit but may enhance fluid dynamics for improved 'slippery' speed. An added benefit is that it works great for triathlons since you can have race garments, your race number and gels under the suit for fast transitions.
  • Lapcounter to keep on your finger. Google 'SportCount' for an example.
  • Water tight case for your Ipod or swim proof MP3 player
  • Endless Pool with mirror on the bottom to review your technique while swimming
Recommended Nutrition:
  • Gels (GU, Power Bar, Accel Gel, High5, Clif Shot)
  • Sharkies / Clif Block Shots
  • Power Bars / Cereal bars
  • Dried Mango
  • Boiled potatoes
  • Salt tablets
  • Nuun Electrolyte tablets
  • R4 / Accelerade / CarboPro1200 / Infinit drink mixes
  • Salty snacks for longer races
  • Whatever works for you...