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May 23 Tri Challenge





3rd Tri Challenge --- reactions from participants and parents

- Andrew: "I would like to applaud you for organising a fantastic event. The highlight for me was seeing that number of children enjoying triathlon for the first time."

- Jenny: "Just wanted to thank you for the event. It was amazing: a great atmosphere with lots of talent on display, and incredibly ambitious, with four different races going on, let alone within the geographical constraints of Discovery Bay and HK Resorts. I can only begin to imagine the thought and organisation required to make it happen. Great job!"

- Scott: "Absolutely great day! Fantastic racing, brilliant atmosphere and a highly enjoyable event which was no doubt the result of much hard work and planning."

- Karen: "Huge thanks for the awesome day guys! It was a great success and loads of fun had by all! Looking forward to the next one."

- Emma: "It was a really well-organised event and my whole family had a great time. It was so special to see the kids out there doing their 1st triathlon. We definitely have some memories to cherish from the event. Thanks to all of the organising committee for your hard work and planning."

- Manabu: "It was great day!! I was excited more than my son. :)"


• Eat nutritious breakfast 
• Check helmet for proper fit and safety 
• Ensure bike is properly set up and fitted

• Bike & Bike Helmet (mandatory) 
• Swimsuit
• Swim Cap and Goggles (mandatory) 
• Towel for drying/cleaning feet in transition area 
• Running shoes (velcro or slip-ons are preferable if you have them) 
• Water bottle with water 
• Dry clothes for after the race 
• Arrive at DB beach in time for registration at 08:00 
• Check in at registration and sign the waiver (registration closes at 08:25)
• Get your right arm and both legs marked
• Get you race kit, which includes the race T-shirt (to be worn on the bike and run leg), race number cloth, pins, and a voucher
• Set up bike and equipment in transition area: between 08:00-08:25 for U08 & U10; between 10:05-10:15 for U12 & U14 
• Go the area in front of the transition area and participating in the race briefing (08:30-09:00)
• Drink to keep hydrated and use the bathroom 
Q: Is the swim safe enough?
A: Yes, we will have marshall in the water to help you out if needed; and you can use a flotation device if you want; caretakers of U08-U10 Calves can swim with their child to make them feel safe, but they cannot assist in any forward movement.
Q: How do I clean my feet after the run on the beach?
A: There will be water basins just before the transition area; walk into one of them and your feet will come out much cleaner. 
Q: Will there be course marshals along the bike course? 
A: Yes, we will have volunteers at all intersections and other strategic locations. 
Q: What if I get too tired to finish the ride/rn? 
A: We strongly encourage every competitor to do their best. If you need to walk a section to regain your strength, we encourage you to do so. If you decide not to finish the race, you must report your number and name to a course marshal before leaving the course. 
Q: What if I get a flat or other mechanical problem? 
A: If you can no longer ride for any reason but want to finish, a racer may run or walk his bike into the transition area to complete the bike portion but they must have the bike in their possession at all times and when they reach the transition area. 
Q: Will traffic be stopped along the bicycle route? 
A: We will make every effort to stop traffic to allow each bicyclist unimpeded access to the road. However, if you encounter a vehicle during the race, you are required to obey all traffic laws. Remember that safety comes first.
- Calves U08 (°2003-2004): Swim 50m / Bike 2 km / Run 500m
- Calves U10 (
°2001-2002): Swim 100m / Bike 3 km / Run 1000m

- Calves U12 (
°1999-2000): Swim 150m / Bike 4 km / Run 1500m
- Calves U14 (°1997-1998): Swim 150m / Bike 4 km / Run 1500m
- Buffalos: Ocean Swim 600m / Bike 16km / Run 4k

Race entry: $200 per person for pre-race sign-ups, and $250 for race-day sign-ups – part of the entry fee will go to charity.

Race fee includes:  
- for ALL participants: drinks during race, post-race BBQ & lucky draw
- for ALL Calves: a dry-fit T-shirt, race pictures, finish video

- for ALL Calves who finish the race: a finisher's certificate and medal

All race prizes and lucky draw prizes are provided courtesy of our sponsors.
We are actively seeking your contribution of unused clothing and apparel for both adults and children, children's books and toys. Items will be given to a homeless shelter the Lantau Buffalos have been supporting based in Shamshuipo. Please bring your items to Sportsworld (tel: 6181 0122) --- 516, Block C, 5th Floor,  Discovery Bay Plaza before May 23. Thank you!
06:00   Buffalos race registration open
06:25   Buffalos race registration closes
06:30   Buffalos race briefing

06:45   Buffalos race start
07:45   Buffalos first finisher

08:00   Calves race registration open
08:00   Transition Area opens for U08 and U10 Calves
08:15   Buffalos race last finisher

08:25   Calves race registration closes
08:25   Transition Area closes for U08 and U10 Calves
08:30   Race briefing for ALL Calves
(detailed run-through of the whole course)
09:00   End of race briefing
09:10   U08 race starts

09:30   U08 race last finisher
09:40   U10 race starts
10:05   Transition Area opens for U12 and U14 Calves
10:10   U10 race last finisher
10:15   Transition Area close for U12 and U14 Calves
10:20   U12 & U14 race starts
U12 & U14 race last finisher
11:15   Awards Ceremony
11:30   Lucky Draw
11:45   BBQ party in front of the beach with master chefs Bruce & Brett

13:00   End of event


EVENT RULES & SAFETY PRECAUTIONS --- please click here first and read carefully.


8.30am race briefing / 9.10am race start

Distance: Ocean Swim 50m / Bike 2km / Run 500m

Click on picture to enlarge


8.30am race briefing / 9.40am race start

Distance: Ocean Swim 100m / Bike 3km / Run 1000m

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CALVES TRIATHLON U12 (°1999-2000) & U14 (°1997-1998)

8.30am race briefing / 10.15am race start

Distance : Ocean Swim 150 m / Bike 6 Km / Run 1500m

Click on picture to enlarge

Medals and certificates will be awarded to all finishers.



6.30am race briefing / 6.45am race start

Distance: Ocean Swim 600 m / Bike 16 Km / Run 4 Km


The Swim

1) Swim - about 600m including beach run to TA
- Start at South end of beach
- Swim to 1st corner of nets
- Swim to white buoy
- Swim to beach and run to TA

The Bike

2) Bike - about 16km (2x8km loops)
- Start from TA and go out to DB road and turn left
- Go south to Coastline roundabout and turn around
- Go north along DB road to Tunnel roundabout and turn around
- Go south along DB road and turn left down Siena Avenue
- Turn around at roundabout near new hotel
- Go back up Siena Avenue
- Turn left at DB Road, continue on DB road all the way to Coastline
- Continue south to Coastline roundabout again, and turn around
- Go north along DB road to Tunnel roundabout again and turn around
- Go south along DB road and turn left down Siena Avenue
- Turn around at roundabout near new hotel
- Go back up Siena Avenue
- Turn left at DB road
- Go to Seabird Lane, Beach Village and turn left to go back to TA

NOTE: new route posted 21 May, avoids Seabee/Headland due to objection from Seabee/Headland VOC
The Run

3) Run - about 4km
- Start from TA and go out to DB road and turn left
- Go south to Coastline roundabout and turn around
- Go north along DB road to La Costa and turn right
- Go past the playground and run along the waterfront
- Go past the pier, DDeck and turn right into the Beach Path
- Finish at TA