Lantau Calves 3rd Tri Challenge Results



Wow, what a great Lantau Calves day that was, a real celebration of courage, fun, health and community spirit!

The weather was shaky in the morning, but the Calves swam, biked and ran the rain clouds out of town, and brought the sun back in.

Literally thousands of pictures were taken by dozens of people with a camera. We will contact all involved to help set up a treasure cove of pictorial memories of this day.

Congratulations to all the Calves who participated and finished; you are now officially a Lantau Calf! We hope that this race has inspired you and your kin to go out, be healthy and have fun!

We are interested in hearing your comments about this race, and your suggestions for any future events. Please go to the survey to contribute to making the next event even better!

The results of the four categories are below; just click on the relevant link at the bottom of the spreadsheet to open the results of your race. Please let us know if there are any mistakes in these results.

Lantau Buffalos Organising Team