Rules and Safety

We would like everyone involved in this event to enjoy themselves and to be safe while doing so.
By submitting this online registration form, I will agree to race with SAFETY as the FIRST PRIORITY and will give way to all traffic, pedestrians, and animals. I certify that I am entering this event at my own risk and responsibility. I do hereby waive and release, any and all rights, claims and causes of action I have or may have against the Lantau Buffalos, its Directors, its sponsors, and volunteers from any and all liability arising from illness, injury, death, loss and economic consequences I may suffer as a result of my entry in this event from any cause whatsoever, including negligence. I certify that I am physically fit and sufficiently trained to compete for the completion of this event.
May we ask you to read the following information carefully and act accordingly?


Bike Helmets 
Appropriate bike helmets must be worn and buckled during the bike portion of the event. Parents/guardians must assure that the helmet fit is proper for the athlete. Helmets must be fastened before mounting the bicycle and must remain fastened until the racer dismounts their bike at the end of the ride in the transition area.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to take the athlete's bike to a qualified shop for inspection and adjustment prior to the Triathlon. Attention should be paid to brakes, steering, wheels, tyre pressure, tyre condition, chain, and pedals. Pedals should be inspected for sharp edges and appropriate measures taken to prevent cutting injuries should the pedals hit the athlete's legs.

All athletes should be comfortable in the water. Approved swim aids such as kickboards will be allowed and in some cases adults will be permitted to assist children. Each athlete should be capable of safely swimming the designated distance with no or minimal assistance.

Parents/guardians should assure that the athlete has footwear that is suitable for running the designated distance. To avoid tripping, the athlete should be able to properly tie his/her shoes, preferable using double knots, or by using speed laces.

Sun Protection 
Parents/guardians should provide appropriate sun protection in the form of sunscreen and clothing.

Athlete Health 
Parents/guardians should assure that the athlete is in a physical condition that will permit him/her to participate in the event without jeopardizing his/her health or that of other participants.

Proper hydration is important. It is suggested that you place a full water bottle in your child's transition area and remind him/her to drink during transition and following the event.

Shoes and Clothing 
Appropriate shoes and race clothing must be worn during the bike and the run portions of the race. Shoes must be laced or buckled-up prior to mounting the bicycle and must remain laced until the racer dismounts their bike at the end of the ride. Shoes must be properly laced during the run. Flip flops or similar shoes are not appropriate footwear for the bike or run courses.

Transition Area
All race gear that will be used throughout the race, including shirts, shoes, shorts, towels, bicycle helmets and socks must be arranged in the transition area next to your bicycle prior to your swim start. No gear may be brought in afterward, or provided by spectators on the course.

Race Director 
The Race Director has the right to penalize or disqualify competitors who violate any of the above rules & regulations. Appeals can be made within half an hour after the completion of the race. The Race Director will consider the appeal before making a final decision. No appeal can be made against the Race Director's final decision.

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